40th Anniversary

We’ve been honoured over the years to receive the continued support of some loyal customers – and on the celebration of our 40th year, some of these customers left us their comments.

John Beckford and Doug Haynes Liverpool Business School

How can a restaurant put its customers at ease? A friendly welcome, a humorous observation, some tender loving care around the meal table, and some excellent food. The raw ingredients of the Yuet Ben experience extraordinaire.

In a busy life, in a busy city, everyone needs a space to roam, to allow the mind to explore and reflect on life itself, to have time to absorb the challenges of the day and prepare for those of tomorrow. The Yuet Ben is such a space – a reflecting pool in which new light is cast upon old problems, and old light cast upon new ones. So many problems have been dissolved, rather than resolved, in these four walls.

The highlight was a celebration at the professorial inauguration of Professor John Beckford of LJMU – a magnificent occasion where the Yuet Ben made us all feel like one big family – magnificent!

John Beckford and Doug Haynes Liverpool Business School

Saturday, June 14th 2008

As I write, I am sitting in Yuet Ben, surrounded by my family and celebrating my son’s graduation as a doctor. At the next table, a party of people has gathered to celebrate the birthday of a senior member; one of the party was at nursery with my son James over 20 years ago. Near the front of the restaurant, a baby is gurgling. For us and I am sure for many others, this is what Yuet Ben is all about – a special place where families, friends and colleagues meet to celebrate.

The food is always excellent; Terry’s knowledge of wine is legendary; the welcome and attention which he, Theresa, Matthew and Victoria and their staff give to each and every one is always meticulous.

We have been eating here now for 2/3 of our lives, our children for the whole of theirs. We congratulate Yuet Ben on its 40 years and look forward to being blessed with this outstanding restaurant for many, many years to come.

Michael and Sue O’Neill, Catherine and James.

“Terry’s knowledge of wine is legendary”

The O’Neills

“As we always say there’s nowhere like the Yuet Ben”

The Ashtons
2 July 2008


Here’s wishing the Yuet Ben a happy 40th birthday. We really enjoyed our visit to you a couple of weeks ago when we came in with our daughter Rebecca. As I recalled on the evening, I have been a Yuet Ben fan since the restaurant was in Great George Street and we used to have to bring our own beer or was it wine?

When you moved to the new premises I brought my wife-to-be Bernie to sample the menu; she had never had rice before other than in a rice pudding!!!. We used to come regularly when we lived in St Helens with our children Matthew and Rebecca who were always made very welcome.

Since those days we have lived, worked in and visited many countries including several in the Far East and have sampled the delights of Food Street in Hong Kong. As we always say there’s nowhere like the Yuet Ben for its Hot & Sour Soup and Chicken and Cashew Nuts with Yellow Bean Sauce. I believe you when you said the receipe has not changed for 40 years!! Please don’t change it.

Although we don’t get to Liverpool very often these days as we now live near Altrincham we shall certainly be back.

Sid Ashton

My first visit to the Yuet Ben was autumn 1970 to a ten course Chinese banquet. I was immediately hooked and became a frequent visitor for the next three years.

On the 1st November 1973 I encouraged my wife and brother and sister-in-law along with some friends to celebrate my birthday at the Yuet Ben. At this time my wife did not like Chinese cooking and requested steak and chips. The Yuet Ben at this time was in the capable hands of Mr. Yau doing the cooking and Charles Cheung and Tony Yau waiting on. Charles explained to my wife (Diane) that the Yuet Ben did not serve steak and chips but he would send out to the ‘Seven Up Chippy’ for steak and chips. Myself and friend ordered a banquet as usual and we awaited our meal to be served – soup first followed by BBQ Ribs. Diane’s meal arrived from the ‘chippy’; she took one look at the meal and decided she did not like the look of the steak and chips and sat there with a face on her like a “robber’s dog”. Tony and Charles apologised to Diane for the “steak and chips from the chippy” and said that she could have any meal from the menu free of charge and Diane said “the ribs look nice”!!

As a result we have frequented Yuet Ben ever since.

Our daughters, Kim, Sarah, Kate and Claire have all celebrated their 18th and 21st birthdays; in fact, the girls and their new partners celebrated any birthday/anniversary or any excuse to visit Yuet Ben.

One of the highlights of our celebrations at the Yuet Ben was Kate’s 18th and granny’s 80th birthdays on the same day.

Kate now lives in Kent and never comes home to Liverpool without a visit to the Yuet Ben.

On the 1st January 2003 we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary with all the family, including three grandchildren and nephews. Guess what? “They all loved the ribs”!!

Bill and Diane McNally

“They all loved the ribs”

The McNally’s

“A place of happy memories”

The Hemmings

In the 1950’s when we were young we dined at ‘The Far East’ in Great George Square, this was soon to be joined by the ‘Jung Wah’ and we had the choice of the two Chinese restaurants. We thought we were happy!

Then in 1968 Yuh Ho opened the ‘Yuet Ben’, we realised that this was the place for us and have been faithful customers ever since being served great cuisine first by Yuh Ho, then by son Tony and now by daughter Theresa and husband Terry.

A visit to the ‘Yuet Ben’ is a treat for all the family, our children and grandchildren love to sit and eat their favourite meal (ours is lamb and leek), accompanied by the pleasant rumble of underground trains under our feet.

The ‘Yuet Ben’ is a place of happy memories in which our family have always been ‘honoured guests’.

Keith and Angela Hemmings

We have been eating at Yuet Ben for over 30 years. I was first introduced to Yuet Ben in its original location, Great George Street. Often visitors to Liverpool would ask “can we go to that little Chinese restaurant in the old building with the great food.”

Yuet Ben is not just a Chinese restaurant but one of the best overall restaurants in Liverpool. The quality of ingredients combined with the original menu with a number of unusual and special dishes ensures a memorable meal on every visit. Our favourites include Deep Fried Savoury Vegetables and Beef and Crispy Rice, both specialities of Yuet Ben.

The restaurant is clean and bright with a friendly staff headed by the Owners Theresa and Terry. Do not expect the usual boring Chinese restaurant wine list. Terry takes a special interest in wine and ensures a good selection which he tastes regularly himself.

This is not one of Liverpool’s many Chinese restaurants; it is the Liverpool Chinese restaurant which lives up to its name.

Philip, Eileen and Peter Green

“The Liverpool Chinese restaurant which lives up to it’s name”

The Greens

“Easily the best Chinese restaurant in Liverpool”

The Williamsons

Dear Terry and Theresa

It was in 1968 that we first heard of the Yuet Ben Restaurant, newly opened at its Great George Street premises. It was recommended to us by a colleague as “easily the best Chinese restaurant in Liverpool”. Our three sons at that time were aged between 12 and 8. They had widely differing likes and dislikes, and experience showed that Chinese cuisine offered the variety and flexibility that ensured that each of us would find something to our taste on the menu.

On our first visit, also in 1968, we were made most welcome, and everyone found the menu to their liking. The food was served in a way that facilitated our family habit of people sampling everything on the table, and the waiters were friendly and knowledgeable. It was a memorable meal, and we all agreed that the Yuet Ben would henceforth be our regular “place of worship”.

In those days the host was a gentleman who I now know to be Terry’s father-in-law, Mr Yau, and as our visits became more regular we came to know him by sight. We particularly remember his gradually increasing collection of exotic fish, displayed in tanks along the wall of the restaurant. Some of the waiters were memorable, too. There was one, a particular favourite with our grandchildren, who amused them with little conjuring tricks.

With time, the place has become part of our family’s tradition. The food is so excellent, and the welcome and service so attractive that as our sons have grown up we introduced their wives, and later, their children, to the delights of the place. All have agreed that there’s nowhere as good where they live, and when they come “home” to see us, inevitably they ask “Can we go to the Yuet Ben?” And inevitably we answer “Yes”.

It is good to see that the place has remained in your family’s very capable hands, and that its high standards of service and culinary skill are maintained, and even improved. Despite the fact that we don’t come as often as we used to, due to our age and infirmities, we are pleased that you still remember us, know which table we like, and generally look after us and make us welcome. We congratulate you, and wish you every success and good luck for many years to come.

Olive and Sandy Williamson

For over 20 years the Curpen family have been coming to this restaurant for all kinds of celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and meeting friends from all over.

It all started with a man called Chris Corbin in 1981. He was a medical rep who has gone far. Terry Lim’s mother and father-in-law were the first cooks and our introduction to Lamb & Leeks, Chilli Beef & Carrots, Duck & Pancakes and their famous Ribs. Family who come on visits always want to book an evening at the Yuet Ben. In all these years I can say we have never had a bad meal.Terry and Theresa now do wine tasting evenings (of course, with food). This has been a real success.

You are always greeted at the door with a smile. The family is well respected in the Chinese community.

Now, I can leave my sons to take their children to the Yuet Ben. But, I hope we have many more years to enjoy Terry’s cooking. Thank you Lim family.

The Curpens

“You are always greeted at the door with a smile”

The Curpens

“Our love affair and marriage”

The Barkers

We found Yuet Ben in early 81, not in Liverpool but in Frodsham, when we set out on the road of love, wealth and happiness. We soon learnt that the Liverpool restaurant was nearer to home and closer to our hearts. We found love in the many soups and tasty appetisers available, and a wealth of quality in the main course dishes and desserts conjured up by Terry Lim. Happiness can be found in the wonderful selection of hand-picked wines served to the table.

As our relationship developed, so did our love affair with the Yuet Ben! We introduced friends and family to the wonderful atmosphere of “YUEES”.

Many family occasions have taken place in No.1 Upper Duke Street. We have gathered to remember the passing of loved ones, to celebrate the arrival of the new ones (babies) and any other reason we could think of to come to this wonderful eating house.

We are now bringing our children Paul, Laura and Jenny to enjoy the delights of Terry’s Kitchen.

Linda and I (Alan) finally tied the Knot and held our wedding breakfast at the Yuet Ben, when we were treated to a wonderful gastronomic selection of the finest foods available in Liverpool.

Yuet Ben has filled our lives and others with happiness, solitude and good food for over 20 years.

All we ask for is you keep doing it for the next 20 years and more.

Good luck and best wishes

Alan and Linda Barker