Vegetarian Menu

Most dishes are also suitable for vegans (please ask us for more details)


Vegetables  £3.90

Sweetcorn  £4.90

Hot & sour  £4.90


Spicy Sichuan cucumber  £5.90

Pickled rainbow vegetables  £5.90

Spring rolls  £5.90

Savoury triangles  £5.90

Shredded tofu & pancakes  £9.90

Deep fried aubergine  £5.90

Stir-fried vegetables

Quick-fried mixed vegetables  £10.90

Broccoli  £9.90

Beansprouts  £9.90

Chinese cabbage  £9.90

Bok Choi  £10.90

Steamed/Braised vegetables

Steamed aubergine in blackbean  £10.90

“Three delicacies” – braised tofu, bambooshoot & chinese mushrooms  £10.90

“Three precious jewels” – braised tofu, broccoli & carrrots  £10.90

Assorted vegetables in a selection of sauces  £10.90


Chow mein (fried noodles)  £6.90

Mixed vegetables chow mein  £12.90

Spicy Singapore vermicelli  £12.90


Plain boiled rice  £2.90

Mixed vegetables fried rice  £12.90

Sharing Menu

Sharing Menu

for two people or more

at £19.90 per person



Spring Rolls & Savoury Triangles

Shredded Tofu with relishes and pancakes

Three Precious Jewels (braised tofu, broccoli & carrots)

Sweet & Sour Mushrooms

Quick-fried Mixed Vegetables

Plain boiled rice